Got Extra Space In Your Dumpster? How To Quickly Fill It Up

There are a number of reasons why you may have rented a dumpster. You may have had a new roof being installed, home renovations taking place, trees that were being cut back on your property, or you may have been decluttering a home. Regardless, if you have completed your project and still have space in your dumpster, you may be looking for a way to fill up that space and make the most out of having a dumpster on hand. Here are a few ways to quickly fill up the leftover space in your dumpster. 

Dispose of Your Old Pillows

Most pillows are only designed to last for about six months. After this time, they can lose their shape or become full of skin cells and dust mites. However, many people do not dispose of their pillows as regularly as they should. Ask yourself when the last time you got rid of pillows in your home was. If it has been six months or longer, utilize the space leftover in your dumpster by gathering up the pillows in your home and discarding them in the bin. Additionally, now is also a great time to cull the herd of stuffed animals that your children may have. 

Catch Up On Your Yard Work

One of the reasons why people do not complete all of their yard work in one day is because they don't have space in their garbage can. Disposing of grass, leaves, tree limbs and old bark chips or mulch can take up a lot of space in a garbage can. If you have a dumpster and wind up with some extra space, catching up on your yard work is a great way to make use of this space. However, when you are throwing away items from your yard, make sure you know what the dumpster company allows and doesn't allow. While many allow leaves, grass clippings, and limbs, they often do not allow gravel, rocks or boulders. 

Clean Out Your Garage

The last way that you can quickly make use of any extra space you have in your dumpster rental is to clean out your garage. Most people have a variety of items that are being stored in the garage that is never touched. You may have floor tiles leftover from the home's first tile job, even though those tiles have long since been removed. You may have a roll of old carpet. You may have holiday decorations that you have since upgraded and no longer use. Or you may have rusted bikes, sporting equipment that your kids don't use, or a stack of old newspapers or magazines that you never got around to disposing of. Take a look around your garage and you are sure to have items that you can likely part ways with. 

If you still have space leftover in your dumpster rental, consider asking neighbors, friends or family if they need to dispose of anything before the dumpster is hauled off. In the future, you should be aware that dumpster bins come in a variety of sizes. Selecting the right size for your project can help ensure you don't have too much leftover space. 

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